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Join a community of ambitious women just like you, who are ready to elevate their businesses to new heights. At Bold Founders, we understand the journey you’re on – the excitement, the challenges, and the hunger for more. Here, you’ll find more than just networking; you’ll discover a supportive sisterhood where you can learn from experts, grow your skills, and forge meaningful connections that propel you forward. Together, let’s embrace the possibilities and empower each other to reach our boldest dreams.

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Join Bold Founders to unlock a supportive sisterhood where ambitious women like you thrive together. Experience expert guidance, meaningful connections, and the empowerment you need to elevate your business to new heights.


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In-person events

Mix and Mingle!

Our in-person events are more than just gatherings; they’re transformative experiences reserved exclusively for our members. These events foster unparalleled connections and growth opportunities, offering intimate settings where members can engage with industry experts, collaborate on innovative projects, and cultivate lifelong relationships that propel their businesses forward.


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Learn and Grow

We pride ourselves on bringing global expertise right to your screen. Our curated lineup of experts from around the world provides invaluable insights and guidance, helping you navigate your entrepreneurial journey with confidence. Whether you’re seeking marketing strategies, financial advice, or personal development tips, our virtual events offer exclusive access to top-tier professionals. Plus, with recordings stored in our Education Hub, you can revisit these invaluable sessions at your convenience, ensuring you never miss a moment of inspiration or knowledge.


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Chat Online with Us!

Step into a cozy corner of the internet where driven minds gather to share insights, extend a helping hand, and cheer each other on. That’s precisely what our community embodies – and we’ve set aside a special spot just for you!

Not only do we engage in lively chats at our events, both in person and online, but we’ve also created a dedicated members community page. Here, you can stay updated on what’s happening in your business community, ask questions, celebrate your wins, share your struggles, receive support, and cheer each other on!

Kind Words

"Jen Kinal is an exceptional, heart-driven entrepreneur, bursting with creativity. I have witnessed first hand her passion in uniting like-minded entrepreneurs, knowing their collective power is unstoppable. Every individual who joins her journey is set on the path to success." - Nicole Cowley

Our Mission

To empower ambitious women entrepreneurs with a supportive community, expert guidance, and collaborative opportunities, propelling them towards success in their businesses and beyond.

Bold Founder Members:

Jen Kinal - Bold Founders

Hello, I'm jen

I believe in the power of community to uplift us all and ignite collective transformation.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand the power of community, support, and shared knowledge in propelling businesses forward. Bold Founders was born out of a desire to create a space where ambitious women like you can connect, learn, and grow together, because I believe that when we lift each other up, we all rise higher. Welcome to our empowering community!

The Social Success Mindset Podcast

Where we break down social media, how you are showing up and make it easy to start attracting that dream client, growing online and bringing more profit into your business!

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of like-minded women who are all dedicated to achieving their entrepreneurial goals. In this empowering community, members have the opportunity to collaborate, learn from each other’s experiences, and receive expert guidance, all while being cheered on every step of the way. Joining Bold Founders is not just about networking—it’s about becoming part of a tribe that uplifts, inspires, and propels each other towards success.

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