Here’s why getting yourself into the room with like-minded women is so important and powerful! 

1. When you surround yourself with women who get you, you elevate your mindset and your vision of what is possible for you. 

2. Grow your connections! I found that when I put myself in the room with other incredible women I got to introduce myself and grow the people that I knew. I loved that chance to grow who I knew. It also grew my business because they some of those women hired me. 


Getting in the Room

3. As business owners our mind is always churning… thinking about new ways we can grow, offerings we can put together. And if you are like me you are creating something that hasn’t been done before… which means I have lots of questions. Surround yourself with people who are excited to hear what you are doing, love to support you by answering questions and be your greatest cheerleader when you put it into action. 

4. Probably my favourite part of building community is finding ways to work together! Why do business alone when you can collaborate and take advantage of merging your communities and audiences. 

5. It’s time we took a break from the BUSY! When you put yourself int he room with other women in business you get a chance to escape work and enjoy! I always feel so invigorated when I surround myself with incredible women and it truly helps me take a break from the hustle of my mind and what needs to get done. I encourage you to take that break and have fun. 

Put yourself in the room and see what comes from it! 

xo Jen