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October 8-9, 2024

Be Bold Conference

Calling all Women Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Freedom Chasers, Change Makers, Visionaries, and those boldly pursuing their goals for the rest of this year and into 2025! This is the conference for you!

Now is your time to be BOLD and 10x your business!

The Be Bold Conference is a 2-day experience designed to empower you to increase your profits, take bold action towards your goals, and create freedom in your life!

This is more than a conference! It’s a transformative experience designed to push your business beyond comfort zones, conquer fears, and empower you to achieve a 10x growth through bold moves!

Get ready for an action-packed 2 days with top-notch industry speakers. Learn about revenue optimization, working smarter, leveraging events and social media, creating and building your own community, and being BOLD in every aspect.

This workshop-style conference not only provides learning from the best but also collaborative building as we progress. When you leave the Be Bold Conference, you will have an actionable plan that aligns with your goals and dreams to 10x your business and make bold moves!

Be Bold: Transform Your Business

Nicola Lapp TwinFlower Studio

Invaluable Community

"I knew I would start seeing the results I was seeking."

Being a part of a group of passionate, driven, and creative entrepreneurs is invaluable. I started making changes in my personal and business life to create a stronger path towards my financial, spiritual, intellectual, and community goals last year. When I heard about The Bold Founders, it was a ‘run, don’t walk’ moment for me. I knew that by joining this diverse group of women in business, I would begin to see the results I was seeking. I come away from each meeting feeling inspired, driven, and sometimes even humbled because I have room for improvement and am still growing and learning. Even in those humbling moments, I feel supported, seen, and encouraged. I’d love to have you experience this dynamic collective of inspiring women!

— Nicola Lapp, Owner & Designer, TwinFlower Studio

We hear you!

Does this sound like you?


You work tirelessly in your business every day, but the results you dreamed of seem elusive. It feels like you’re taking baby steps forward when what you really want is to 10x your results and experience the freedom you envisioned when you first started your business.


You see others doing “the thing” and wonder when it will be your turn. We’re here to tell you that your time is now! Together, we’ll boldly take action and plan it all out step by step!


You desire profit and freedom but aren’t sure how to achieve it for yourself and your business. How can you grow while still having time for your family, vacations, and enjoying your day without the pressure of rushing back to the office to prevent everything from collapsing?

ready to be bold?

10x your business, your profits, and your freedom!

We created the Be Bold Conference because we know that businesses achieve 10x growth when surrounded by women who have been there and succeeded. You eliminate the struggle of figuring it out alone, pivoting, and trying again. At this conference, you’ll learn from experienced women, grow with a supportive community, and work on your business right then and there with experts.

The Bold Founders community is all about making BOLD plans, with support and accountability for your dreams. You’ll 10x your business, your profits, and your freedom!

This 2-Day conference is for you if...​


Jen Kinal

This year, I decided it was my time to be BOLD. With boldness comes big goals, dreams, and plans. It also comes with fear, setbacks, and hang-ups. But that doesn’t mean we let our dreams take a back seat.

That’s why I created the Bold Founders Conference! If I can be bold in my dreams, so can you! I’ve brought together inspiring women in business who have been part of my journey, who are doing “the thing,” and who can teach you how to do it too! This is more than a conference you’ll feel inspired by; it’s a way of living, a community that understands, and a source of actionable strategies you can implement right there. It’s about transforming your business to provide the freedom, money, time, and travel you’ve always dreamed of.

I can’t wait for you to join us in your year of being BOLD!

Jen Kinal - Bold Founders Collective

Meet Our Speakers!

We’ve got your new biz besties ready to teach you everything about business, freedom, up-leveling, and mindset!

Business Mentor & Mastermind Facilitator

Selina Gray

As a CPA, Selina worked for nearly a decade as a Controller for two international public companies managing large finance teams across 12 countries.  An unexpected auto-immune diagnosis created a life-altering wake-up call. In 2011, Selina founded her own Company. 

As an International Speaker & Business Mentor, Selina helps thousands of entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money, earn more, keep more & welcome more joy & peace into their businesses.

founder of sONDR

Michelle Webber

Serial entrepreneur, Michelle Webber is the founder of SONDR: a clean, ethical personal care brand whose aim is to make changes in industry animal testing policies and to make high quality, ethical and healthy products accessible to more people.

Michelle always knew she did things a little differently and was always told she had an overactive imagination. She spent years diving into that imagination trying to create a life that took her away from the norm, and towards something great.

From flight attendant to public relations to sales to trying to become a travel blogger before that was even a thing, Michelle knew that ultimately, she was meant to work for herself, on a business forged by passion. The entrepreneurial stepping stones that led to SONDR include a successful wedding and event planning company as well as a mobile oyster bar, both based in BC’s beautiful Okanagan, the latter still operating today!

While not looking for another business, Michelle’s passion for animals, combined with her relentless entrepreneurial spirit brought her to her legacy business, SONDR. Frustrated with the lack of transparency in regards to animal testing, and the lack of truly ethical, functional and healthy personal care options, SONDR was born, and so too, was Michelle’s purpose in business and the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

Transformational Mindset Coach

Nicole Cowley

Nicole Cowley is a catalyst for life-altering change! With certifications in hypnotherapy, life coaching, health coaching, personal training, and extensive study in the Law of Attraction, she is a transformational coach with unparalleled expertise. Nicole’s journey began less than a decade ago when she transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom to a single parent facing an uncertain future. Inspired by her love for people and a determination to set an example for her children, she rebuilt her life through relentless dedication and learning from top mentors like Maya Comerota, Marisa Peer, Bob Proctor, and Jim Fortin.

Today, Nicole is a founding member of the Los Angeles Tribune Women’s Journal and speaks on stages around the world. As the visionary behind Next Step With Nicole Renee, she empowers individuals to chase their dreams fearlessly and unlock their mind’s potential. Nicole specializes in helping people change their health, wealth, and relationships with tangible results. With her guidance, you’ll discover what’s holding you back and take bold, empowered steps towards your goals. Your transformation starts the day you say yes to yourself!

Simone & Ivy Home

Leanne Mohagen

Born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, Leanne learnt the basics of what it looks like to live a life full of things that matter – family, friends and making a living doing what you love.

As an official serial entrepreneur, she has spent the last 18 years opening, operating and selling multiple successful businesses – with, you got it – NO business experience or education! 

She is the current founder and co-owner of Simone & Ivy – a home furnishing and decor boutique, owner of the Edmonton Made in the Shade window covering franchise, and loves the opportunity to sprinkle in a few speaking engagements with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Over the years, she’s built a book of knowledge from every win and fail throughout her journey – the roller coaster of starting businesses, building multiple teams, divorce, single parenting, raising 3 teenage girls, selling companies – oh, and travel – let’s throw that in while we’re here. With every year comes new chapters with new experiences – both good and bad, and down right hilarious.

She’s always been aware of the work/life/family balance, and the relationship that has on your overall level of success. Diving deep into her passion for sales, Leanne has travelled North America and presented to thousands of business owners on succeeding in business – aka giving your customers the best possible experience, while having fun doing it.

You will enjoy hearing her stories in a true “Sasky, down-to-earth, relatable and vulnerable way.”  Most importantly, she ensures you walk away with tactile, practical tools that have the ability to change your business, and your outlook on “winning the game of entrepreneurship.”

No matter where you come from, where you work or what you have been through – she’s confident that you’ll relate on a few levels, and walk away with a newfound energy for your business!

Bold Founders Members Carole Bottoms Up Wine Parties

a priceless experience

"The Bold Founders has helped me dream big."

The ideas and different perspectives that come from this community of ladies are inspiring. Lifting each other up and brainstorming ideas and offers with a group of business owners who understand your vision and your struggles has been a priceless experience.

— Carole Chamberlin, Bottoms Up Wine Parties


Facebook group


Community for life

VIP Evening & Speakers

VIP Ticket holders will enjoy an exclusive evening with our amazing VIP panel speakers. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, mix and mingle, enjoy cocktails and delicious tacos, and check out your exclusive VIP gift bag! You won’t want to miss this experience. VIP Tickets are limited, so snag yours before they sell out!

Sheetal Story


Sheetal Story is a Spiritual Grief Support Counsellor and Cosmic Alignment Strategist and Coach. She holds a Business Degree and is a multifaceted expert in the realms of Grief Support, Psychic Mediumship, Astrology, Human Design, and the Law of Attraction. She specializes in empowering women to trust their intuition, navigate through grief, and embrace difficult life transitions with confidence and clarity. Her mission is to help women learn to trust their intuition, navigate through grief and live life in alignment with their cosmos and Human Design that sets their soul on fire!

jenna Hill

Frock Box Canada

With a background in marketing and digital promotion and an unquenched desire to be her own boss, Jenna Hill started Frock Box in 2014 from her home in St.Albert, Alberta. From humble beginnings, with two friends styling outfits and assembling in a basement, Frock Box has always been a labor of love for Jenna. She has been able to focus her entrepreneurial spirit and provide a new and innovative shopping alternative to women across Canada. From a miniscule startup with volunteers delivering hot pink envelopes to a national company that ships thousands of outfits each month, Frock Box is on a mission to help women of all shapes and sizes feel confident in their clothing. 

michelle Webber


Serial entrepreneur Michelle Webber is the founder of SONDR, a clean, ethical personal care brand committed to ending animal testing and making high-quality, healthy products accessible.

Known for her unique imagination, Michelle’s journey to entrepreneurship included roles as a flight attendant, in public relations, sales, and as an early travel blogger. She previously ran a wedding and event planning company and still operates a mobile oyster bar in BC’s Okanagan.

Michelle’s passion for animals and transparency in the personal care industry led her to create SONDR. She aims to leave a lasting impact by promoting ethical practices and providing truly functional personal care products.

Be Bold Conference Speaker Jillian Schecher

Jillian Schecher


Author of The Daily Joy Journal™ and creator of The Joy Sessions™,  Jillian Schecher (@jillianschecher) is a  Joy + Mindfulness Coach whose mission is to empower others to feel better with The Joy Method™ and other practical tools. She believes life is too short to wake up dreading the day ahead and teaches loving leaders, teams, and communities how to build sustainable strategies with JOY. Her work is trusted by companies such as Lululemon, SAJE Wellness, TD Canada Trust, Fairmont Hotels and Google.  Jillian is excited to inspire your inner Joy Warrior so you can wake up to a life you love!

VIP Ticket Perks!


mix and mingle

There is nothing more powerful than mingling in a room full of women in business! This is your chance to network, create collaboration opportunities, ask questions, and find your new business bestie!


tacos and cocktails

You had me at tacos and cocktails! Two of my favorite things are a must when you come to a Bold Founders Event!


VIP Gift bag

Did someone say exclusive gift bag? YES! If you’ve been to a Bold Founders event, you know it’s all about the experience, and that includes the gift bag filled with the best goodies from local businesses you will love!

Kind Words

"Jen Kinal is an exceptional, heart-driven entrepreneur, bursting with creativity. I have witnessed first hand her passion in uniting like-minded entrepreneurs, knowing their collective power is unstoppable. Every individual who joins her journey is set on the path to success."

— Nicole Cowley

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Why do you love Bold Founders and our events?

Bold Founder Member Nicola

The round table discussions and opportunity to listen and learn from other entrepreneurs that I might not normally cross paths with.

— Nicola

Bold Founder Member Christina

I love being part of the Bold Founders! It’s so great to connect with other like-minded women in business. We celebrate our wins together and help each other through the more challenging times. Jen has the most fabulous speakers for us to learn from and the in-person events she organizes are always next level! Love learning and feeling inspired and supported by everyone in the Bold Founders.

— Christina louise

Bold Founder Member Kim

Jen has created a vibrant, welcoming community of incredible women. The resources, support, and encouragement from this group, along with the curated events, are priceless. Being part of the Bold Founders community boosts my confidence and validates that my dream is possible.

— KiM



Tuesday, October 8: 9AM - 5PM

wednesday October 9: 9AM - 3PM


month membership to bold founders


Exceptional speakers to learn from


Your business and goals



Whitewood Barn Be Bold Conference Venue 2
Whitewood Barn Be Bold Conference Venue 1


The Whitewood Barn

The Whitewood Barn is the PERFECT venue for the Be Bold Conference. Not only was it Jen’s favourite venue for planning events, but you can feel the magic as soon as you step onto the grounds!

Just a short 20-minute drive from the bustling Edmonton International Airport (YEG), this hidden gem is nestled on 40 acres of picturesque land.

Prepare to fall in love with the barn where the conference will take place, enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds, play lawn games, or relax under the pergola with friends! We cannot wait for you to experience the Whitewood Barn at the Be Bold Conference.

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Where Passion Meets Community

Join a community of ambitious women just like you, who are ready to elevate their businesses to new heights. At Bold Founders, we understand the journey you’re on – the excitement, the challenges, and the hunger for more. Here, you’ll find more than just networking; you’ll discover a supportive sisterhood where you can learn from experts, grow your skills, and forge meaningful connections that propel you forward. Together, let’s embrace the possibilities and empower each other to reach our boldest dreams.

Bold Founders Conference Be Bold


Tickets Increase By $100 On August 5th


You've got questions? We have answers!

I’ve been dreaming of hosting a conference for women in business for years, and this year I decided to be BOLD and make it happen! I’m bringing in impactful speakers, creating an unforgettable experience from the moment you buy your ticket, and building a community for you to immerse yourself in.

The Whitewood Barn, just outside of Edmonton, on October 8-9, 2024.


The Early Bird Bonus lasts until September 1 or until tickets sell out! Snag yours before the bonus is gone!

Tickets to The Be Bold Conference are non-refundable. If you purchase a ticket and can no longer attend, it is your responsibility to find someone else to purchase the ticket from you. If you sell your ticket, please email us the new attendee’s information at

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When you buy your ticket, you’ll gain access to the Be Bold Conference Community page where you can introduce yourself and meet other attendees!

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans for this conference at this time.

160 total, 96 general admission, 64 VIP


The speakers’ talks and content will be tailored to small business owners at all stages. However, if you don’t have a business yet but plan to start one in the future, you’re more than welcome to join us—you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from the conference!

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