• Collaboration is Key!

    collaboration is key blog post

    My question for you is… Are you incorporating Collaboration in your business? 

    For those of you who are still wondering what is the point of collaborating… Here’s what google had to say about collaboration…

    “Collaborative partnerships allow businesses to leverage each other’s strengths, expand their reach, and tap into new markets or customer segments. By pooling resources and expertise, businesses can achieve economies of scale, reduce costs, and accelerate growth”

    Here are a few ways you can incorporate collaboration into your business

    Joint Marketing Initiatives: Partner with other women-owned businesses to create marketing campaigns or events. For instance, you could co-host a webinar, create a joint social media campaign, or participate in trade shows together. By pooling resources and sharing the spotlight, you can reach a broader audience and generate more exposure for both businesses.

    Supply Chain Collaboration: Explore opportunities to collaborate within your supply chain. By purchasing from or supplying goods or services to other women-owned businesses, you can foster a network of support. This can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and a sense of solidarity that benefits everyone.

    Skill Sharing and Training: Organize skill-sharing workshops or training sessions with women-owned businesses in related or complementary industries. Sharing expertise and knowledge can empower all parties involved to develop new skills and improve their businesses. For example, a graphic design company could collaborate with a women-owned printing company to offer design and printing workshops.

    Resource Sharing: Share physical resources, such as office space, equipment, or technology. Co-working arrangements or resource-sharing agreements can reduce overhead costs and create a supportive atmosphere for everyone involved. It’s a win-win situation when businesses can access necessary resources at a lower cost.

    Community Engagement: Collaborate with other women-owned businesses to give back to the community. Organize charity events, sponsor local initiatives, or participate in community service projects together. Such endeavors not only benefit the community but also enhance your businesses’ reputations and create a strong bond between like-minded businesses.


    I hope this today’s blog post has got you thinking of ways you can collaborate in your business and why it is so important! 

    xo Jen

  • Getting in the Room

    Here’s why getting yourself into the room with like-minded women is so important and powerful! 

    1. When you surround yourself with women who get you, you elevate your mindset and your vision of what is possible for you. 

    2. Grow your connections! I found that when I put myself in the room with other incredible women I got to introduce myself and grow the people that I knew. I loved that chance to grow who I knew. It also grew my business because they some of those women hired me. 


    Getting in the Room

    3. As business owners our mind is always churning… thinking about new ways we can grow, offerings we can put together. And if you are like me you are creating something that hasn’t been done before… which means I have lots of questions. Surround yourself with people who are excited to hear what you are doing, love to support you by answering questions and be your greatest cheerleader when you put it into action. 

    4. Probably my favourite part of building community is finding ways to work together! Why do business alone when you can collaborate and take advantage of merging your communities and audiences. 

    5. It’s time we took a break from the BUSY! When you put yourself int he room with other women in business you get a chance to escape work and enjoy! I always feel so invigorated when I surround myself with incredible women and it truly helps me take a break from the hustle of my mind and what needs to get done. I encourage you to take that break and have fun. 

    Put yourself in the room and see what comes from it! 

    xo Jen

  • What is the Bold Founders Community

    Jen Kinal - Bold Founders

    Welcome to the Bold Founders website + blog! I’m Jen the creator of the Bold Founders and really so excited to get on this journey with you! 

    I had this dream to create the community of women who built their very own business from the ground up. 

    A resource for women to be surrounded by other women who get them. A place to bounce ideas off, to get encouragement and a sisterhood that is cheering you on. 

    When I first put it out in the spring of 2023 I didn’t know what it would look like… to be honest I am still figuring it out and molding it as I go… and there is good reason for that. 

    I know what I would want out of a community, what I would want to learn and the types of resources available but this will be OUR COMMUNITY. 

    So when you join the Bold Founders I want you to help me make this OUR COMMUNITY!

    So here is what you can expect when you are part of this community. 

    We all know how much we want to attend all the things but our time is precious. I want you to know that when you take time away from work or your family it is time spent wisely. So we will be hosting in person events every 2 months because that gives us lots of time to carefully curate the perfect event and as an entreperneur doesn’t feel overwhelming to fit into your calendar. 

    There is nothing I love more than learning on a topic from a REALLY GREAT resource! If you are able to attend live, AMAZING! You will be in the virtual room surrounded by other women like you and get to ask all your questions specific to your business. This is a great way to learn from the experts around the world! If you aren’t able to attend the live recording will be housed in our exclusive community to watch at your leisure. 

    I don’t think I can emphasize how important collaboration is! When I was building my event planning business collaboration was what got me in the room with incredible vendors. It is what got my name remembered when they had a referral. It gave me content to showcase my talent and it allowed me to make friends with the people I wanted to work with. I KNOW that I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did in the event planning industry and as fast as I did without incorporating collaboration into every aspect of my business. 

    As a creative person I want to take a look at our community and help you find areas you can incorporate community into your business. I’m not just here saying “hey do it!” I want to help you find opportunities, come up with ideas and ways to implement. 

    When you join the bold founders you will experience and see the wealth of knowledge, growth and love that will surround you. All leading to a more successful and beautiful business and life. 

    Can’t wait to see you in the community! xo Jen