The Trial And Error Of Finding Your Groove with @‌christycantera @‌canterarealtygroup

Zoom - Bold Founders Members Only

Embrace the journey of 'The trial and error of finding your groove' with @christycantera and @canterarealtygroup! Join us on May 8th from 12-1pm MST for an exclusive Bold Founders members-only event. Gain insights from experienced entrepreneurs and learn how to navigate the path to finding your unique business groove. Secure your spot and discover the keys to success!

Floral Workshop with @‌twinflowerstudio

Stay tuned for a blooming experience! 🌸 Join us on May 23rd for a captivating Floral Workshop with @twinflowerstudio. This in-person event at Infill North Show Home is exclusively for Bold Founders members (No guests for this one). Create a stunning floral arrangement under the expert guidance of Twinflower Studio, all while indulging in conversations about our businesses. Get ready to bloom creatively and network with fellow entrepreneurs!