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Ready to level up your business with community? This is your chance to get in the room with the movers and the shakers, to learn, to plan ways to collaborate and to be empowered!

no more doing it alone!

Your community of cheerleaders!

Being an entrepreneur can be tough! We dream up these ideas and go after them… but there is something magical about being part of a community that you can bounce ideas off, celebrate your wins, ask questions, learn from experts and feel part of the team! 

The Bold Founders is your community of cheerleaders for your business and for you personally!

When you come to events we want you to feel special, included, excited to learn and to mingle with friends! 

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Jen Kinal - Bold Founders

in person events

Mix and Mingle!

We understand the demands on your time, balancing work and family commitments. That’s why we’ve crafted a thoughtful approach. Our in-person events occur every two months, ensuring we have ample time to meticulously curate each gathering. We value the precious moments you invest in our community, ensuring they are well worth your while.

online events

Learn and Grow

One of our greatest joys is the opportunity to learn from outstanding resources. If you can join us live, fantastic! You’ll find yourself in a virtual room surrounded by like-minded women, ready to address your specific business queries. It’s an opportunity to glean wisdom from experts around the globe. If you can’t make it to the live event, rest assured that the recording will be securely housed in our exclusive community for you to enjoy at your convenience.




Let's grow together!

Allow us to underscore the profound importance of collaboration. I speak from experience; when I was building my event planning business, collaboration was my secret sauce. It granted me access to remarkable vendors, etched my name in their referrals, fueled my portfolio with captivating content, and most importantly, forged enduring friendships with the very people I aspired to work alongside. I firmly believe that my journey in the event planning industry would not have been as successful or swift without weaving collaboration into every facet of my business.

Kind Words

"Jen Kinal is an exceptional, heart-driven entrepreneur, bursting with creativity. I have witnessed first hand her passion in uniting like-minded entrepreneurs, knowing their collective power is unstoppable. Every individual who joins her journey is set on the path to success." - Nicole Cowley

Jen Kinal - Bold Founders

join the bold founders!

Elevate your surroundings with individuals who inspire growth and progress.

When you are in the room with people that get you excited about your business, inspire you and empower you to go after your dreams the possibilities are endless!

Please be aware that our community is exclusively intended for women who have founded their own businesses. Regrettably, we are unable to accept applications from MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) businesses in the Bold Founders Community. Furthermore, in our commitment to fostering a diverse and well-rounded community, we will be restricting the number of businesses that are alike in nature. Our overarching goal is to create an environment where every member can reap the rewards of being exposed to a wide array of industries and perspectives.